О компании | Агентство по фармаконадзору "Фармкомплаенс"

About us

Who are we?

A Russian organization founded in 2018, the main profile of which was initially pharmacovigilance. But now, in addition to outsourcing pharmacovigilance processes, we also deal with registration, pharmacovigilance audits, educational activities and pharmacovigilance/medical writing.

What makes us stand out?

A distinctive feature of our team is that we have met professionals with many years of experience in international and domestic pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations.

Our employees have experience in scientific activities, know the requirements of local and international legislation, are fluent in English, regularly improve their skills and act as speakers themselves in the framework of scientific and practical conferences and educational programs.

The “Pharmcompliance” team knows the specifics of the work of a pharmaceutical company “from the inside”, perfectly understands the needs of our customers and how important it is to complete the tasks with high quality and on time. In our work, we are guided by the principles of business integrated with science, which allows us to find optimal solutions.

How do we work?

Despite the fact that we are located in Moscow, we adhere to a flexible format of interaction with our clients and are not limited to the office, advising both in person and online. We are available to our clients in all time zones of Russia and the EAEU around the clock.

Who do we work with?

Our clients are all subjects of drug circulation:

  • registration certificate holders of medicinal products for medical and veterinary use
  • medical organizations
  • pharmacy organizations
  • pharmaceutical wholesalers