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Professional development program with Moscow State University completed successfully!

Faculty of Fundamental Medicine, Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov together with Pharmacovigilance Agency “Pharmcompliance” LLC successfully completed the professional development program “Organization of a pharmacovigilance system for marketing authorization holders”.

We have developed a number of educational programs that form the basis of Schools of pharmacovigilance for employees of pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals, patients, employees of pharmacy organizations, as well as students receiving education in the field of medicine and pharmacy.

Pharmacovigilance is multifaceted, so we didn’t limit ourselves to training on key pharmacovigilance processes.

Our unique programs for beginners allow you to get acquainted with the structure of a pharmaceutical company, learn about the duties of a pharmacovigilance specialist, the principles of successfully passing a probationary period and the basics of career growth. As part of our programs for managers, authorized persons, leaders of the region we share our experience of effectively managing the pharmacovigilance department and assigning responsibilities, as well as prioritizing tasks and identifying areas for improvement.

Our programs are built on the principle of an open dialogue and are a platform where everyone can ask any question, from what is “day zero” to the psychological aspects of passing the inspection.

In addition, we organize individual educational programs, in which you can discuss what is often difficult to do in group classes, for example, weaknesses in your pharmacovigilance system, confidential issues.

Basic educational programs:
  • Professional development programs with the issuance of state documents
  • Advisory and educational seminars
  • Master classes
  • History and foundation of pharmacovigilance program – for students in collaboration with leading universities
  • Pharmacovigilance promotion activities for healthcare professionals and patients
  • Introduction to pharmacovigilance program for pharmacists
Unique educational programs:
  • Pharmacovigilance specialist. Duties, responsibilities, rights, passing a probationary period
  • The structure of a pharmaceutical company and the role of the pharmacovigilance department
  • Pharmacovigilance auditor training
  • Pharmacovigilance department management in a pharmaceutical company. Practical and psychological aspects, prioritization and distribution of tasks in the department
  • Organization / reorganization of the pharmacovigilance department in a pharmaceutical company
  • “Historically” – increasing the efficiency of the pharmacovigilance department and the activity from which opt-out
  • Pharmacovigilance authority in a pharmaceutical company – process and personnel management, communication with other departments
  • How to ensure that all employees communicate safety information